KGF is a new dimension in the Kannada cinema. Kannada cinema was introduced to the international market. Turned out to be a humorous cinema in Kannada.

Yash was made an international star by KGF Cinema. KGF changed the way others view the Kannada cinema.

Fans awaiting answers to a couple of questions put on by the director at the notorious KGF Cinema Climax are eager to find the answer to the KGF’s sequel.

KGF, which has already completed 75 percent shooting, has officially announced that it will release on October 23.

The shooting of the KGF2 cinema had 25 days to complete. But in the meantime, the lockdown started and the shooting became a post phone.

But the filmmaker had said that the KGF cinema would be released the day after. Similarly, the film crew had begun the task of completing tasks other than shooting.

The government has now issued guidelines for the shooting. So the KGF team was planning on shooting scenes from July 20 with fewer artists.

The set was also set up at the Minerva Mill in Bangalore but is a shooting post phone due to the increasing number of corona infected day by day.

The KGF 2 film crew decided not to shoot for another month. So it will be too late for fans to see Rocky Bhai backstage.