Sunny Leone has unleashed her daredevil avatar for web-series Anamika. In an interview with, she spoke about her upcoming show, life, kids and more.

From Bigg Boss to being the lead in web-series and more, Sunny Leone has come a long way.

She is currently in the news because of her web-series Anamika. The actress has turned into an action star for this one.

She has gone all out to portray her badass avatar.

As the show hits the web, Sunny Leone got all chatty with and made some candid revelations about career, life, family and more.

As said, Sunny Leone is seen performing daredevil action in the web-series, she was asked if her kids have any kind of reaction to it.

The actress here revealed that there is no violence policy that they follow at home. They do not let kids play with toy guns or even pichkaris.

She also revealed an incident when she showed a small clip of the web-series to her kids and got schooled all day.

The actress spoke about being typecast in the industry. She stated that 'the word typecast is in the negative.

Sunny Leone was asked if she follows a road map of any sort in her career.