This has been the best week for PS5 restocks in months. Following an online PS5 restock earlier this week, GameStop has an in-store restock at select stores this morning.

And Target woke everyone up early with a PS5 restock of its own. Given February's dry spell, it's great to see more PS5 restocks available for people ready to game.

Amazon's listing for the PS5 makes it clear there's going to be a restock for Prime subscribers at some point this month, which we're tracking closely.

If you don't want to wait, your best bet for getting a console is either a surprise afternoon restock or accepting a higher price tag for the console through StockX or eBay.

PS5 restocks are a lot more common in the afternoon and evening than in the morning. Chances of an unplanned restock tend to go up dramatically after 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET)

If a restock starts and you immediately see "Out of Stock" on the screen, do not give up. Refresh the screen a few times and keep trying.

Amazon Prime: This one is pretty straightforward. In many cases the only way to buy a PS5 from Amazon is by being a Prime subscriber

Many PS5 restocks from GameStop start an hour earlier for you if you have signed up for this rewards program.

This service was built by Walmart just to offer early access during sales events, and that includes a PS5 restock.