How to answer tell me something about yourself in interview?

This is usually the first question you can expect an interviewer to ask. So this is certainly not one of those unpredictable questions that get shot at you.

But why is it asked in almost all the interviews? Well, an easy answer could be that they want to check your communication skills & the logic embedded in your answer.

The best way is to follow it chronologically. Not only will it be easy for you to maintain a flow of words oozing out of your mouth but also a soothing experience for the listener.

Hi, I am ………. I am a native of …… I did my high schooling there and moved to ………. for further studies. I was always fascinated with machines so I opted for an engineering degree in mechanical. I did reasonably well at academics and could add a few feathers to my cap by involving in extracurricular activities as well.

After I accomplished my studies, I decided to join a company called ….. It was a cherishing and a great learning experience there. I was associated with them for about a year. In my leisure time, I prefer watching movies, reading, and driving. That is about me. (A smile)

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